KC Johns Continues to Climb Up Charts with “Rodeo Queen” 

 [NASHVILLE, Tenn.] Think Miranda Lambert meets Sheryl Crow with a touch of Brandi Carlisle, and you’ve got KC Johns, an artist with a voice all her own, with songs that make you feel like you’ve known her forever. Having discovered her stage legs young, KC was featured in Dolly Parton’s “Christmas Coat of Many Colors,” at Dollywood and cruised around the world performing nightly for international audiences. She next made her way up the mainstream music ladder, opening for artists like Luke Bryan, Chris Young, Randy Houser, and Trailer Choir and now plays Nashville’s most popular Broadway stages, fairs, festivals and venues around the country. 

2022 was a page-turner of KC Johns story, starting with the January release of a new single and video, Confused. Confused followed her popular 2021 single release, Whiskey Break, which was featured in a nationally distributed documentary about the legendary venue, Washington state’s the Gorge, where nearly every major touring artist has played for the last 50 years. Confused made its way on to radio playlists in a growing list of markets across the country, cracked Nashville’s Music Row chart and climbed well over 100 spots up the respected rungs of the influential industry ranking. 

Additionally, 2022 saw the digital release of KC’s full album, Thunder, and her globally popular single release of Meredith Brooks’ “Nothing In Between,” a tribute and cover of the hit 90’s pop anthem on the 25th anniversary of its release. 

KC reached back to her roots for her first release of 2024, Rodeo Queen. It’s an upbeat rocker, awash with country steel and roaring guitars. Rodeo Queen features an edgy hook topped with a personal touch. KC’s mom was a world champion barrel racer, and her stepdad was a bull rider. They fell in love, and a true love story was born. KC always admired their unique relationship. Rodeo Queen is a tribute to their story. KC also took an early turn at barrel racing, but with deep roots in the Blues capital of the world, KC was baptized in soul on Memphis’ Beale Street and fell hard for the stage, the spotlight, and songs that make the world go ’round.

KC describes how Rodeo Queen came about. “Going into the writers’ room with Brett Trout and Tim Angsten, I knew exactly the vibe and direction I wanted to go. The first verse of Rodeo Queen, ‘Daddy was a mustang mama knew how to break’ introduces you to a wild ride right at the top of the song. The chorus rounds out exactly what I would love to find in someone one day, which I think most people can relate to. I was ecstatic when Smith Curry with Song of the Year Awards from ASCAP, CMA and ACM agreed to produce. Rodeo Queen is a country rocker based on my favorite love story.” 

2023 was a good year for KC Johns on another front as well. She created her own brand of whiskey, KC Johns Thunder Mesquite Smoked Bourbon Whiskey in cooperation with Cali Distillery of Glendale, CA. Thunder is available by mail order from Great American Craft Spirits to states where such sales are legal and is being rolled out through Wine and Spirits stores nationally over the next months. 

KC is continuing an aggressive touring and recording schedule after wrapping up more than 200 shows in 2023 and 2024 is already filled with stage shows, casinos, festivals, clubs, and international events. 


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